Little Black Dress Initiative

MARCH 6, 2017 - MARCH 10, 2017

What is the Little Black Dress Initiative or LBDI?
A one week, social media driven campaign to raise awareness about poverty and all of the challenges that are faced by those that live in poverty. LBDI was launched in 2014 by the Junior League of London with the goal to "Make Poverty Unfashionable". Instead of attending London Fashion Week, local Junior Leaguers were wearing the same black dress every day to raise funds and raise awareness of poverty in their city. How cool is that? Word of the campaign's success spread and now, so has the initiative itself. Along with other Georgia Junior Leagues, Junior League of Macon will run our own LBDI for the second consecutive year March 6-10, 2017.

Why the LBD?

The one dress every day represents the lack of choices for those who live in poverty. Wearing the dress is symbolic of standing in solidarity with those living in poverty because contrary to what some might think, poverty can look like any one of us. Our hope is that this initiative will help to humanize and give a voice to the faces of poverty.

Community Partnership

Junior League of Macon has partnered again this year with Crisis Line & Safe House, Inc. The mission of Crisis Line & Safe House of Central Georgia is to provide community crisis intervention as well as safe shelter, comprehensive support, and recovery services for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, and to educate the community about the cycle of violence and its prevention. It is known that poverty disproportionately affects women and single moms, women who lack financial resources have more difficulty escaping a domestic violence relationship, and children who grow up in poverty are more likely to continue the cycle of poverty and domestic violence for various reasons. These facts are the reason that this partnership could not be more perfect.

Learn more about Crisis Line & Safe House, Inc. here.

What activities will take place during this week?

  • The Dress: Junior League of Macon members will wear buttons on their dresses each day with the above logo to help spark conversation about poverty. All members are armed with facts to share that will raise awareness about poverty in our communities and how community members can help.
  • Social Media: Junior League of Macon and it's members will post all week long about the initative, poverty in our communities,  and how the community can help. We will be utilizing the hashtags #theLBDI and #JLMwearsLBD.
  • Clothing Drive: The members of Junior League of Macon will be collecting and donating gently used and/or new items of need to the Crisis Line & Safe House, Inc. at the end of the week. This will help those in need get a new start on life. 
  • Fundraising: Monetary donations will go toward the Junior League of Macon's efforts to improve literacy and school readiness in the Middle Georgia community. It has been shown that as education increases, poverty decreases and we remain steadfast in utilizing our mission to positively impact this correlation. 

How can you get involved?
  • Wear the dress: You do not have to be a Junior League of Macon member to wear one of your little black dresses all week long and start some conversations about poverty in your community. You can always direct those interested to our website or Facebook page.
  • Social Media: Share on your personal Facebook page that you are participating in this initiative and why. Be sure to include the hashtags #theLBDI or #JLMwearsLBD.  Feel free to share the Junior League of Macon Facebook posts that week as well.
  • Donate: Do some spring cleaning and donate some items of need to a shelter of  your choice. Gently used business and business casual attire are always great! Monetary donations can be made by clicking here 
There is power in numbers and we hope that you will serve with us to make a positive impact in our communities during this week and all year long! You can sign up to participate here